Interaction of Color Systems

Jeudi 12 avril 2018 11h15
Salle principale IBM & LGS
Design systems promise workflow efficiency, user experience consistency, and a vocabulary to help everyone speak the language of design. Few design systems are built on a blank slate though, we’re often working with hundreds of lines of code and years of design debt before we even begin, so it takes time to deliver on that promise.
I’ll be sharing my journey on working with color in design systems—one of the most contentious and critical elements of design, and a particularly challenging part of a design system. We’ll take a look at the efforts required in updating large scale web applications like Github, challenges in programmatically generating colors, color accessibility, and testing the interaction of color with other parts of a design system. Through this journey with color I’ll share the hard work that goes into design systems and the value they can bring to design and development teams.

Diana Mounter

Design Systems Manager, GitHub

Diana is a designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She specializes in design systems, and has a background in user-centered design. Currently leading the design systems team at GitHub—the team responsible for maintaining their open-source design system, Primer. In her spare time she organizes the NYC Design Systems Coalition, and writes and speaks about design, code, and working with people.

Diana started her career in print design in the UK, primarily working in the public sector. Moving from graphic to web design she landed a job in Australia working in government, followed by a design agency where she built up her UX design skills. In 2011 Diana moved to San Francisco to work in product design, before finding a passion for design systems at Etsy in New York, and then GitHub.