Storytelling: An important arrow in any product maker’s quiver

lundi 3 avril 9h00 Salle Savoir-Faire Linux

In this workshop you will learn how to use the framework of storytelling as a toolkit to design the structure of a set of interfaces and create the principles for designing.

Stories embed people within closed contexts that take them through a collection of activities that lead to a conclusion. Similarly, Interaction design involves creating a set of interactions guiding people through actions within a context towards a goal. When designing, we demonstrate our understanding of people and their contexts, and illustrate the activities that bring these characters their most valuable climactic set of experiences.

In this workshop you will learn the following:
– What is a narrative structure;
– How to use the pieces of story telling as a scripting system for design;
– The value of improvisation as a tool for designing;
– How to write scripts for your prototypes and convert those scripts into interfaces;
– How to use tools to produce your stories;
– How to create a set of design principles to guide decision making.

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Dave Malouf

Design Studio Coach

Dave Malouf is passionate about how technology can help people connect to each other and help them achieve their personal and organizational goals. As a veteran design leader, strategist, researcher, and educator he has worked with some of the largest and fastest growing organizations globally. He is taking that experience and passion and helping organizations amplify the value they get from their investment in design. Dave is a writer, teacher, and facilitator sought after around the globe for speaking and workshop engagements helping to teach designers how to build strategic, visionary, empathetic, and creative organizations.